17,000 boards and counting….

    “I first picked up a planer when I was 15, and have been shaping under my own labels since then (24 years in total). This week I hit a special milestone shaping my 17,000 board. I still remember my first board clearly (R.I.P.) and the stoke of riding it for the first time. It was glassed by Ian Wright, now the owner of Aftermath surfboards in California (originally with Spyder Surfboards, California). He offered me a few tips and the next stick was definitely an improvement! I still derive great pleasure from my surfboard shaping an am of course ever grateful and indebted to all the shapers who have, and who will continue to, guide and inspire me. My fortune is in my ability and the opportunity to do what I love.”


    “It has been an incredibly busy few months in the shaping bay with my head down hitting serious numbers and it is beginning to pay off with some great looking boards coming out.  The majority of boards I have been shaping are our best selling models the CabSavII and new favourite the V2SV.  There’s been a few different custom shortboards and longboards thrown into the mix to keep things exciting. I have shaped a couple of custom Karboloads with 4 channel bottoms, which I really love doing. These were a squash tail Scout model and a double-wing swallow tail CabSavII. This week I shaped some custom Banzai Blues models plus a 7’4″ single fin hybrid. The Banzai Blues is a popular shape for Japan, that scales really well. The Banzai Blues is usually in the 5’6″ to 5’9″ range, here’s a 6’10”, retaining the same design elements. Check out the shots below from inside the bay and the factory awaiting collection. I am looking forward to the next 1,000 boards!”