Local Rippers

    Winter Days on the Gold Coast

    These Gold Coast winter mornings are so epic. The sun breaking through with some warmth at a secluded peak on the Goldy.   Shaun Gossmann is absolutely ripping on his 5'10 PU Silent Savage models.  He has the Silent Savage in PU and EPS Karboload Tech in a number of variations, which


    Local rippers – Matty Korvin and Elliott Marshall

    Elliott Marshall and Matty Korvin are two of Australia's up and coming Pro Junior surfers.They both surf on the Joistik team and I love making them boards for the heavy slabs on the South Coast of Sydney and for their strike trips to Hawaii.    Elliot Marshall is an underground charger that hails from


    Local rippers – Sam Wrench

    Sam Wrench is 20 years old hailing from Ulladulla, South Coast NSW. Sam is a great tube rider, savvy competitor and an accomplished aerialist but really excels when the waves get big and barrel." In 2009 he proved he could compete with the very best taking out the Oakley Pro


    Local rippers – Riley Laing

    Riley Laing is a super cool grom from the Central Coast who loves charging big waves. I have been making him boards for a while now and he is quickly outgrowing each quiver as he improves out of sight. It's rewarding working with a kid so talented and gives great