The Top Selling Models

    It is not long to go now until the Christmas break! Many thanks for your continued support. We have had a great year, our strongest ever year in terms of production and sales. We are now looking forward to a well earned break. We will be closing on the 20th December 2017 and reopening on the 8th January 2018.


    With the end of 2017 in sight, it is good opportunity to collate all the boards we built this year and determine which models were the most popular. Examining which models are ordered the most often might help you narrow your search for the “magic” board. 


    We hope you all have a relaxing holiday, spend time on the beach and score some waves! Merry Christmas and all the best. See you in 2018. Cheers Nick Blair.


    The Best Sellers in order of popularity


    1. The CabSavII model. Your No.1 choice. An overwhelming favourite in 2017 and our best-selling model, with at least half of our sales this year. We often refer to the CabSavII as the “magic” board as the hit rate is so high and it immediately becomes a customer’s favourite groveller. The CabSavII is an extension of the CabSav in length with the outline pulled in, so the nose and tail widths have come in (although still a fuller outline) and the deck/rails are normal, full. In essence this board is more versatile than the CabSav as the conditions get bigger, but also favours those who prefer a bit more length. The CabSavII is designed to help you paddle and catch more waves ensuring a better all round surfing experience. This board surfs and paddles insanely well in all conditions and is guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face.
    2. The V2SV model. New in mid 2017 the V2SV model quickly became a firm favourite with our team and our customers who had already ridden the CabSavII. The V2SV is suitable for every level of surfer and it sits between your groveller and your performance shortboard. The V2SV takes our tried, tested and proven rocker recipe from the CabSav Series and blends it seamlessly with a performance small wave outline. This results in more speed and drive incorporated into the design, whilst still maintaining manoeuvrability. The V2SV features a far more subtle (shallower) blend of concave and vee to excel in weaker conditions, combined with the fuller outline and almost flat deck to maximise volume, flotation and planing ability in smaller waves. The slight hip in the tail outline together with a pulled in pod allows sensitivity and responsiveness in a variety of conditions. The V2SV is your go to board if you’re looking for an all rounder that will perform at your local break, as well as on your travels.
    3. The CabSav model. The original CabSav is still a firm favourite carrying on its success from last year. It is a proven small wave weapon in waves that are 0-3 foot. The CabSav is guaranteed fun in waves from knee to head high for all levels of surfer.The CabSav leans towards the fun side of small wave surfing but still maintains its small wave grovel aspects of speed and carry. The shallow concave deck packs in the volume but still allows for a responsive rail with a lower apex. Mild concave blends to deep double barrel forward of, and through the fins, with vee blending off a thin and sensitive tail. Add to that a higher nose entry and rocker with the apex pushed back towards the tail, this board maximizes it’s grovel potential, but still remains more versatile in its performance to similar designs on the market.
    4. Silent Savage model. The Silent Savage is a great choice as an all round shortboard and has a high success rate. The Silent Savage was ridden by Shun Murakami with great success on the WSL this year. The Silent Savage precisely balances all the elements of speed, drive response and release. The Silent Savage is super drivey but surfs well in the pocket. Standard features include a rounded squash tail, medium rocker throughout with an even curve and subtle tail lift, flatter/volumised deck and full rail, medium single to double concave and thruster configuration. This board is one of my all time favourites and goes well in all conditions.
    5. MindJar model.  The MindJar model was a favourite within our team for high performance, competition surfing. It is a fast, drivey shortboard, which is often ordered with a semi flat deck. The MindJar has ample drive and speed off the front foot and explosive tail release off the back, featuring a full modern outline and foil. To achieve the design attributes, a staged rocker blends with a continuous rail line rocker which results in a drivier front foot apex and flare and release off the tail fulcrum, whilst still allowing hold through big rail turns and carves. The Mind Jar is a high performance board and deserves to be ridden in all-round good to excellent conditions and pockets.