The CabSav Review by The Surfboard Guide

    After riding the V2SV and CabSav2 Craig from The Surfboard Guide has taken the original CabSav for a spin in a variety of conditions. He loved this wave catching machine, calling this board “probably the best groveller in the world” Watch the video below to see the CabSav in action. You can design your own CabSav in our custom board builder.


    The Cab Sav is a small wave weapon which has to be ridden to be believed. It is our most popular model and has been a best seller for small summer waves in Australia and Japan over the past 5 years. The Cab Sav leans towards the fun side of small wave surfing but still maintains it’s small wave grovel aspects of speed and carry. The shallow concave deck packs in the volume but still allows for a responsive rail with a lower apex. Mild concave blends to deep double barrel forward of, and through the fins, with vee blending off a thin and sensitive tail. Add to that a higher nose entry and rocker with the apex pushed back towards the tail, this board maximises it’s grovel potential, but still remains more versatile in it’s performance to similar designs on the market.


    “I have been riding the Cab Sav 5’3 x 20 3/4 x 2 3/8 – 31.7L The Cab Sav has been an amazing small wave machine, the board you grab when you would normally grab a 9ft+ longboard with an excessive amount of foam! While it paddles in to small waves fairly well, the way it planes across water in really small waves with next to know push is phenomenal.


    The main ingredient in the Cab Sav that makes it work is the volume that sits under your back foot, a really wide and fairly thick tail that holds a significant amount of foam, and really acts as a gas pedal! While it is great for really small waves, it performs quite well in waves to around head height, and while it would still be OK in slightly larger waves, it wouldn’t be the board you choose to grab. I rode the Cab Sav as a quad, and while you could ride the Cab Sav as a thruster if you are a die hard thruster fan, it really works well as a quad and this gives the board a lot of drive and speed. “