• The CabSav2 Review by The Surfboard Guide

    “The Cab Sav 2 is a very fun and forgiving step-down surfboard for when those little waves aren’t looking to exciting. I really enjoyed surfing the Cab Sav 2 in some of the fairly average conditions we get across summer in Australia with generally 1-4ft wind swells with not a whole lot of push.
    I surfed the Cab Sav 2 in a variety of conditions, and loved how the board would plane across flatter sections with ease, but the nose lift and outline in the front of the board didn’t struggle when waves were steeper and provide better sections.


    The Karboload Technology felt very lively and springy, and felt like it complimented the shape, giving it a very very lively feeling under foot.
    I rode the Cab Sav 2 as a quad setup and loved how this felt, so natural, I didn’t feel the need to try other fins or fin configurations. The quad setup is well spread across the wide tail, and reacts really well with the vee coming through the back end of the board and out the tail.
    I know there was a lot of interest in the Cab Sav 2, as the original Cab Sav was a very popular step-down for Nick and Joistik surfboards, and I know a lot of people locally who swear by the board across summer and when waves are sub two foot. I think if you were a fan of the Cab Sav, you are not going to be disappointed by the Cab Sav 2!”