• Small wave rippers – Taco Simmons

    The Taco Simmons are extremely popular small wave rippers and are for any surfer that wants to get out there, increase their wave count and have fun. The Taco Simmons is easy to paddle, has a stable take off and excels in ankle high to head high surf. Perfect for surfing in longboard sized waves you will be flying down the line and clearing sections that would normally outrun you. We have been making these Taco models for over 13 years in Japan and have been through many progressions including these latest Taco’s with flat decks, single wing wide round tails. All Taco variations including the original Taco Senbey have been best sellers with many repeat orders. This Taco progression is inspired by The Mini Simmons. The Mini Simmons is named after it’s originator Bob Simmons, a visionary surfboard shaper from Los Angeles.


    You can ride this model 5”-8” shorter than your usual shortboard. This 5’0 x 20 1/8 x 2 3/8 (27.49L) is for Ren who is 61kg. The form is a very popular Core-Green blank with black stringer and colour blanks. They come in a very beautiful blue and grey colour with super lightweight finish. You can also customise this model with a resin tint from 55 Glassing. Get in touch with Nick for a personalised order.