• Welcome to the family Ren Murakami

    Welcome to the team Ren Murakami. We are stoked to have you on board. An awesome surfer with an ear-to-ear permanent smile, Ren embodies the Joistik spirit. Ren rode his brother Shun Murakami’s magic Silent Savage into the ground before ordering a replica. He joins good friends Reo and Dai on the team.

    For competition surfing Ren rides a 5’8 x 18 1/4 x 2 5/32 Vertrix2 and the new Silent Savage at 5’8 x 18 1/4 x 2 3/16. Ren rides a 6’3, 6’5 and 6’8 round tail Silent Savage step up in Hawaii. Ren stopped by this week with big wave legend Keito Matsuoka to collect a new quiver each. Watch the video below of Ren ripping with the new Silent Savage in Simeulue.