• Vertrix2 – Fish tail mod

    These new Vertrix2 mods with fish tails are proving very popular in Australia and Japan. I first made them at the end of 2019 for my team riders who usually ride the Vertrix2 in good waves with a squash tail. I have widened the tail at the 12″ mark and tail pod to give it more area for lift in smaller, weaker waves. The medium single concave reduces through the tail pod to aid in release through the tail, and also though the nose area to keep the nose free.


    With a modern performance outline, the rail is full with a semi-flat deck roll – ridden thinner for added sensitivity and instant response and bite from the rail. The team quickly gave them the thumbs up and they have become the go to board for a fun session. Check Ren riding his on the Gold Coast.


    The Vertrix2 excels in critical, hollower, steeper conditions but with a fish tail also provides a competitive edge in smaller waves. If you want a cutting edge board with speed, flow and drive with great flare in the pocket and lip, then this is the board for you. It looks great with custom carbon tail hits & new block Nick Blair logos. Order yours here.