New Joistik T-Shirt Range

    Our first run of Joistik T-Shirts have arrived and are selling out fast! The T-shirt range combines premium quality and comfort with function and style. Apparel for surfers to wear before and after surfing. The Stamp, Resin, Enjoi and Decal t-shirts offer a comfortable, casual slim fit with a signature screen printed front logo. The T-shirts come in 3 designs and are super comfortable and designed to last. They are of the highest quality and screen printed at Rhema Graphics, the best printers around.


    Pickup is free at our North Manly factory or the delivery cost is $8.25 anywhere in Australia for 1-2 t-shirts. Free Delivery applies to t-shirt orders of $100 or more Australia wide. If you can’t get the design or size you want don’t worry let us know and we can order a second run later in the year.