A New Model – The V2SV

    New to the lineup in mid 2017 the V2SV is a small wave performance groveller that is getting insane feedback from the team and anyone who gives it a spin. The V2SV model takes our tried, tested and proven rocker recipe from the Cab Sav series and blends it seamlessly with a performance small wave outline reminiscent of our Banzai Blues model. This results in more speed and drive incorporated into the design, whilst still maintaining manoeuvrability.


    The V2SV features a far more subtle (shallower) blend of concaves and vee to excel in weaker conditions, combined with the fuller outline and almost flat deck to maximise volume, flotation and planing ability in smaller waves. The slight hip in the tail outline together with a pulled in pod allows sensitivity and responsiveness in a variety of conditions.


    Suitable as a grom board or adult small wave groveller, dependent on dimensions. The standard model comes in a swallow tail with thruster setup, however, works equally well with a squash, diamond or round tails and quad setup (5 plugs). The V2SV works great in conjunction with Karboload Technology.

    Stock Standard Dimensions & Volume

    Length Width Thickness Volume
    5’4 18.5 2 3/16 23.92L
    5’5 18.75 2 1/4 25.39L
    5’6 19 2.312 26.89L
    5’7 19.25 2 3/8 28.47L
    5’8 19.5 2.375 29.40L
    5’9 19.75 2.438 31.01L
    5’10 20 2.5 32.69L
    5’11 20.25 2.562 34.48L
    6’0 20.5 2.625 36.35L