Team Rider – Dean Morrison

    It’s been a super busy few years in the bay as the top WCT surfers like Dean Morrison go through a hell of a lot of surfboards. I shape him an entire quiver for every event on tour. It’s one of the best things about being a shaper, shaping boards for guys like Dean, especially when they ride them and do well on them. It’s great to see board progression pushed on the world tour and make boards for places like Teahupoo, JBay or Pipe. Dean is super pumped at the moment, loving his boards including the Dingo model and he is letting his surfing do the talking for him. Dean has been constantly on the move, travelling the globe and getting some insane waves. 

    We’ve been working on a series of Dingo models pretty intensely the last few months. We’ve been tweaking things in the bay to make sure Dean Morrison has something for all the breaks and conditions he faces on the World tour. You can order what Dean rides with his new signature model Dingo Inlayz. They are available in 4 different colours and add strength to your stick. Heres a few pics of our team rider and some of his insane looking boards….

    Cooly Gold Coast Quiver


    Jbay Quiver


    Indo quiver


    Tahiti and Hawaii quiver