Life of a Wombat – The Vertrix2

    Team rider Dai Wako rides the Vertrix2 to great effect in the JPSA competition and whilst free surfing in Simeulue. The Vertrix2 is an update to our popular Vertrix performance model, which works well with intermediate to pro surfers in hollow conditions. The Vertrix2 is very responsive, great for in the pocket surfing and the go to board when the waves are pumping. It is the board of choice for our team riders in competition.


    The Japan team have been testing the Vertrix2 in pumping waves on Simeulue Island this month. Watch Dai, Ryu and Haira score epic waves in an empty lineup. Simeulue is the perfect place to test new models and for Dai Wako to coach young Joistik team riders Santo, Hanna and Isami. The younger team riders ride the Vertrix2 model with speed, flow and drive generating great excitement for the future.