• Arashi Kato featuring Karboload CabSav2

    Arashi Kato is having a great run on the WSL this year coming second at 2017 Jack’s Surfboards Pro last week. He is home training and looking good for the upcoming event at Chiba.


    “This year I have my focus on all of the QS and so stoked to have this opportunity to stay in the Top 100 for the re-seeding after the US Open. I have so much confidence after beating guys like Brett Simpson from here at his homebreak so that’s an incredible feeling for me. With the QS6,000 at my break in Chiba, I’m just ready to go now and will put all my focus there.” 


    A small day at Chiba was the perfect opportunity to try his new Karboload CabSav2. Akashi is 70kg and rides his CabSav2 with a swallow tail at 5’6 x 19 1/8 x 2 9/32, coming in at 26.95 L. Arashi was impressed with the speed generated by the CabSav2 which he said could not be imagined from its appearance. He also liked the flex and recoil properties of the Karboload Technology, with speed and response through rail transitions and turns even and smooth.
    As you can see the Karboload CabSav2 is a great choice for everyone from beginners through to high performance surfing by the best surfers. I can’t wait to see Arashi try it on a bigger day and also in clean waves, as Karboload works well in all conditions and is not exclusively a small wave tech.