Big Wave Models

    The Matador Series is designed with the big-wave realm in mind. Although the boards in this range are the standard designs for each particlar sphere of big wave riding, all guns/tow boards are custom designed for location and rider and tow boards more precisely designed around rider build, stance and wave type to be surfed. We have been testing all of these models with Carlos Burle, Dean Morrison, Justin Holland and Keito Matsuoka and are super excited by the feedback. Get in touch if you want to order a big wave gun or tow board and I can customise to your specifications.


    Our semi gun model with refined and tested rails, bottom curves and outlines for tackling your break when it’s well overhead. Rocker, rails, foils and bottom contours are tuned to wave location, as well as overall volume distribution. Your standard model features light single to double concave that fades off the tail into a light vee at the rear fin.Tube-tested in some of the best surf on the planet, the M1 is an essential addition to any serious surfer’s quiver.


    The M2 is built according to wave type, location and rider specs. Various bottom contours may be incorporated such as double barrel concave to vee, or standard concave bottoms. Width, thickness and wide-point placement are appropriately added to your usual dimensions the bigger you go- there’s a lot more water moving from here on in!


    Built to tackle the largest surf available to paddle into- tested and proven in the major big-wave locations the world over. Whilst vee bottoms have traditionally been considered the standard bottom for your “rhino chaser” gun, concaves are being incorporated in designs now. The M3 is built according to wave type, location and rider specs.


    Built for riding cleaner, hollow waves, which are not necessarily as big as others but require the rider to tow as a result of the wave drawing up the reef with too much speed and volume to paddle. Concave bottoms are ultra-tuned and refined for the gnarliest waves on the planet. Fins and edge are brought further up the board and adjusted according to rider stance.


    For towing into bigger waves it becomes necessary to adjust the outline to suit the riders stance and approach. In general the outline is modified to include a wider pod and re-positioned wide-point, with expert blending of deeper concave and rolled vee off the tail pod. Refined flatter rockers finely tuned with the rail line rocker produce a board that is incredibly fast with the right blend of stability and maneuverability at high speeds.