Big Wave Team Rider – Carlos Burle

    Carlos Burle contributed to the professionalisation of “tow-in surfing”, where the surfer is “towed” by a jet ski down the wave, to improve his speed an allow him to get bigger waves, he wouldn’t be able to paddle into. In addition to surfing giant waves surfer Carlos Burle is also “free surfer” and travels around the world competing in big wave competitions. Carlos has ridden some of the biggest waves ever surfed including the Biggest Ghost Trees.


    While often my focus is shaping high performance boards, mainly shortboards, I want to take what I’ve learned on the longboard side further and also the guns/tow. I have been working with Carlos Burle for quite awhile now developing and learning with the big guns and tow boards in a variety of conditions and locations. Check out the recent quiver I made for him for Hawaii and South Africa.