The V2SV Reviewed by The Surfboard Guide

    A few weeks ago we gave Craig from The Surfboard Guide one of our performance small wave boards, the V2SV to have a look at. Craig ran the ruler over it and put together this pretty good review we think. Check it out.

    The new V2SV model takes the tried, tested and proven rocker recipe from the Cab Sav series and blends it seamlessly with a performance small wave outline reminiscent of our Banzai Blues model. This results in more speed and drive incorporated into the design, whilst still maintaining manoeuvrability. The V2SV features a far more subtle (shallower) blend of concaves and vee to excel in weaker conditions, combined with the fuller outline and almost flat deck to maximise volume, flotation and planing ability in smaller waves. The slight hip in the tail outline together with a pulled in pod allows sensitivity and responsiveness in a variety of conditions.

    “The V2SV I have been riding is 5’8 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/8 @ 29.77L. I’ve been riding the V2SV in a variety of conditions, but mainly in local beach breaks in the 1-3ft range (knee to head high), and this seems to be where the board really excels. The V2SV has a fairly flat rocker and a flatter deck that holds a nice amount of volume under your feet and keeps the board really fast and moving flat sections without much effort.

    I was really impressed with how fast the board was in surf without a lot of push of which comes from its design, but is well complemented by the Karboload EPS technology. The Karboload feels really lively and gives the board a nice flex when you want to generate speed, but still feels solid when waves are a little larger (overhead). While the V2SV seems to really be at home in waves 1-3ft, I also surfed it in waves 4ft+ (overhead- well overhead) and the V2SV could handle this too, paddling into waves nice and early and making late takeoffs and critical sections with ease. The V2SV has been epic to ride, and would have to be one of my favourite small wave boards I’ve ridden this year!”