• The GROM Series

    The GROM Series has got you covered whether your transitioning from a soft board, catching your first green waves or ripping the shore break.


    The series includes the PG (beginner/early intermediate), Bombay Blues grom (intermediate/advanced), Scrob2 grom (intermediate/advanced) and the Silent Savage grom (late intermediate/advanced/Pro Junior). Check out the options below that have been shaped with input from beginners to world-class juniors to get your hands on the perfect grom board for your ripper. All models are available in PU, EPS or Karboload Technology.


    The PG model is the ultimate first board. The PG has been designed to suit young surfers transitioning from a soft board to their first PU shortboard. This model has low to moderate continuous rocker, a full outline and fuller foil to add extra forgiveness and support to the novice surfer learning how to balance their weight distribution, whilst the generous deck volume in the right places adds to rail to rail stability. The PG is very user friendly for all ages, levels of surfing and suits all conditions. Straight up fun guaranteed.


    The Bombay Blues grom model is an excellent all-round grom board & one of the most popular models in the Joistik line-up. From local groms to Pro Juniors , it’s built for a variety of surfers and conditions. See boards below with round tails and our popular multi-colour half deck sprays.


    The Scrob2 grom model is a beach break machine and sits very well between the grom iterations of the Bombay Blues and Silent Savage. A high performance board with a fuller foil and outline than the Silent Savage and deeper double concave with vee off the tail block. It is a versatile utility board for the experienced grom, whilst still quite forgiving and easy to surf for the intermediate grom gaining more experience and increasing their skill level. The Scrob2 is an update to our popular Scrob model. See board below (on left in 1st shot) with our popular green flame spray.


    The Silent Savage grom model is a straight up performance shortboard. Speed and drive is balanced with maneuverability and responsiveness. This model features a round, squash tail, medium rocker throughout with evenly slowly curve and subtle tail lift, flatter/volumised deck and full rail, medium single to double concave and thruster configuration. It has a high hit rate for most surfers and is a really versatile shortboard. See board below (on right in 1st shot) with our popular red-yellow flame spray. Watch Ryota surf his Silent Savage grom in popular Karboload Tech below.


    Contact Nick today to customise your next grom’s board.