The Nick Blair ESPN Interview – One board at a time

    ESPN’s Jake Howard recently sat down with shaper Nick Blair to talk about shaping:


    “I first met Nick Blair about six years ago. Somehow the lanky South African had found his way from a university in Western Australia to the Surfer Magazine office where we put him to work as an intern. As intern’s go, he was a good one, and when the summer ended it was sad to see him go. Who else was going to transcribe all my interviews and count Surfer Poll ballots? Anyway, Nick ended up graduating a year or two later and began to pursue the humble occupation of surfboard shaper. He’s now based on Australia’s Gold Coast, shapes under his own label, Joistik, and has been working with World Tour stalwart Dean Morrison for a couple years now. So, all that being said, if you were ever wondering how to get a foot in the door, how to become a top-flight shaper, how to chase down a dream, Nick put those editorial lessons at Surfer to good use and explains the path he’s found”


    Read full interview here.