A New Model – The CabSav

    A New Model – The CabSav

    The CabSav is a small wave weapon which has to be ridden to be believed. It is our most popular model and is a best seller for small summer waves in Australia and Japan.


    The CabSav leans towards the fun side of small wave surfing but still maintains it’s small wave grovel aspects of speed and carry. The shallow concave deck packs in the volume but still allows for a responsive rail with a lower apex. Mild concave blends to deep double barrel forward of, and through the fins, with vee blending off a thin and sensitive tail. Add to that a higher nose entry and rocker with the apex pushed back towards the tail, this board maximises it’s grovel potential, but still remains more versatile in it’s performance to similar designs on the market.


    The CabSav’s have a full bodied outline with mild concave deck offering plenty of volume for the smaller, weaker days. The slight single concave blends to a deep double and vee bottom, working with the rolled rails and precision foil/rocker blend, ensuring the Cab Sav has plenty of speed, flow and response in a wide variety of everyday conditions. Stock comes standard as a 5-fin configuration (can be ridden as quad or thruster) and with an double sided popsicle spray .
    “Stock sizes range from 4’10” to 5’10”, with the most popular sizes between 5’0 and 5’5. I ride mine at 5’4 x 21 x 2 7/16″ Shaper Nick Blair who is 6’3 and 75kg. “Here are some stock dimensions for the CabSav, scaling upwards. Custom wise there is quite a bit of room for play though.”


    “An epic tiny wave weapon, the Nick Blair CabSav is one of the more creative, thoughtful groveler surfboard designs available. Minimising the chasm between bulk and performance in tiny surf, it’s amazing what this board can do when it’s too small to ride anything else. This CabSav by Nick Blair is awesome. Super fast and fun in tiny, tiny surf.”


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    2 3/16″

    26.72 L


    20 1/4″

    2 1/4″

    28.32 L


    20 1/2″

    2 5/16″

    29.99 L


    20 3/4″

    2 3/8″

    31.66 L



    2 7/16″

    33.44 L


    21 1/4″

    2 1/2″

    35.22 L


    21 1/2″

    2 9/16″

    37.07 L


    21 3/4″

    2 5/8″

    39.01 L



    2 11/16″

    40.89 L