Team Rider – Brent Savage

    Billabong’s Brent Savage is a 20 year old from Casuarina who combines a potent mix of power, smooth barrel riding and new school moves. Brent excels when the waves get big and hollow as he shows in Hawaii each season. After a stellar junior career Sav is ready to unleash his act this year on the WQS. Sav’s weapon of choice is the Silent Savage.


    I have customised the Silent savage to suit Brents surfing. “Pretty much my go to board in anything from 2-6ft. For me it has the perfect amount of hold/drive while at the same time allows fast release and direction change. At 4 ft + I love the feeling of being able to push as hard as you like without feeling like you might spin out which this board is great for.”

    Another favourite of his is the new model ‘The Bombay Blues‘. He rides a 6’0 x 19 x 2 3/8 with a hip squash. Brent’s pretty sensitive to changes in the nose and tail area of his boards, so the outline is modified to achieve the optimum combination of drive, release and follow through he requires.