• Joistik Surfboards is an Australian surfboard manufacturing company based in Freshwater, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Joistik Surfboards was founded in 2005 by shaper and designer Nick Blair to produce premium quality surfboards, customised for the highest performance from beginner to advanced abilities. Head shaper Nick Blair personally designs and shapes all Joistik surfboards with the greatest attention to detail, using the most advanced materials available, with some of the best surfboard craftsmen in Australia.

    “My shaping philosophy has always been to build surfboards that outperform and exceed customer expectations. I aim to build surfboards that allow surfers the strongest platform to develop their skills and stoke their passion. I enjoy putting a board under someone’s feet that really works and does exactly what I said it would.


    I have spent 25 years in the bay hand-shaping and have proven experience with top shaping machines. I have shaped over 18,000 boards. I live and surf with my wife and children in Freshwater on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.


    I am excited by my CabSav groveller models and ensuring people get a lot of joy out of surfing even in small, average surf. The exciting part of the CabSav range is that surfers are surfing when they would not have surfed before and when none of there other mates are surfing.


    I am driven by an passion for surfing and craftsmanship, for innovation and continual advancement. I strive to always go that extra mile to make sure our boards are exceptional and the customer is getting exactly what they want. The design process starts from the ground up every time. I constantly develop and test new board shapes and constructions, materials and production methods.


    I believe in building a brand the old-fashioned way, relying on word of mouth and a close network of friends. I focus on consistent design and most importantly a high-quality product. I know that I can always improve on what I do, and it is customer feedback that allows me to continually raise the level of the product.


    I love to collaborate with passionate riders to develop, refine and test our new models and technology. The attention to detail behind all of my surfboards is what drives me forward, as well as the relationships I build along the way”.


    Nick Blair